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Macro Seminar is GO for this Sunday, June 27 at CBG

Macro Seminar: Frame-filling fun.

Yes, you read that right. The June 27 Macro Seminar is go at the Chicago Botanic Garden. We will meet at 9 am in Classroom 4 of the Learning Center. Park in Lot 5 or 6, then walk over to the building. Don’t go thru the Visitor Center or you’ll miss us.  What follows are some FAQs that should answer most, if not all of your questions. To register for this fun-filled one-off seminar, visit Then scroll down to photography.


Q:  Will I need a tripod for the seminar?

A:  A tripod will not be 100% necessary but bring yours if you have one .

Q: I have other lenses in addition to a macro. Shall I bring them?

A:  Yes—they will be good for comparing image sizes.

Q: My lens says “macro” but I’m not convinced that it is. Will it work for close-ups?

A:  Bring the lens to class. The definition of “macro” and close-up have changed.

Q:  Can I use close-up filters or extension tubes instead of a macro lens?

A:  Certainly! Bring them to class.

Q: What are close-up filters and extension tubes?

A: You’ll find out on Sunday, June 27.

Q: Will I receive information on which macro lens I should consider purchasing?

A: Yes.

Q: I would like to purchase a macro lens. How much should I spend?

A:  That decision can be made only by you and your banker. Especially if you don’t live alone.



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