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It’s still spring–think small

Small bits of nature dial up interest.

Several students (and other people) have wondered why I think spring is a special season for photographers. The answer, to me at least, is quite simple: Spring is a season of change which brings about new colors, textures and growth patterns. No matter what the height above the ground, spring subjects should be photographed with detailed concern for the small bits of growth. If ever there was a time for close-focusing camera gear, this is it. Whether you have a dedicated macro lens (somewhere around 100mm is best) or are using extension tubes or a close-up filter or two, this is the most favorable time to capture large images of small things.

Yes, this will become part of the conifer tree.

Taking pictures of the same subject every few days to mark the growth, expansion and color changes will result in strikingly different pictures while allowing you to become more familiar with your camera settings and controls. One added benefit: multiple images of the same subject lets you spend more than the usual amount of time in the photo slow lane.

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