An Image from the “Natural Beauty at Home and Beyond” Photo Exhibition

Title: “The SMALL JOBS of Paris”

“The Small Jobs of Paris”

Here’s the story behind this image:  I happened to see this colorful wagon while walking towards the Eiffel Tower on a bright September Saturday. I was intrigued by not only the color but the title “Small Jobs” (Les Petits Metiers)  on the wagon.  A few shoppers, probably tourists like myself, added to the overall interest of the scene. Wouldn’t it be great if the dollar stores in the Chicago area looked like this? Wouldn’t it make you want to shop there often?  Tech Stuff: 50mm, f8 @ 125th, ISO 100.  NOTE: This image is available for purchase at $125. It is mounted on Foamcore and matted in black. Please contact me for availability at the conclusion of the exhibitiion. 

About Jack

A classically trained musician since childhood, Jack Carlson always had the “ear” of an artist. It was only a short step to develop the artist’s “eye” as well.

The portfolio of this certified photographer reveals images that emphasize mood and composition. Their purpose is to present a feeling in addition to portrayal of person, place or thing. Sometimes that feeling is nostalgia; other times it is serenity.

Each photograph tells a story.