An Image from “Natural Beauty at Home and Beyond” Photo Exhibit

Bridge Over Untroubled Water

Title: Bridge Over Untroubled Water

Here’s the story behind this image:

While driving to class at the Chicago Botanic Garden on a rather foggy Sunday morning, I noticed that the fog did not completely reach my car but extended into the distance and included the Serpentine Bridge. I just happened to have a camera bag and tripod in the trunk (Remember that I do teach photography.) so I  decided to pull off the road and get some pictures. What did I learn from this? Always allow more time before class than you really need since who knows what wonderful scenes are lurking just around the bend.  Tech stuff: 28mm, f8 @ 1/30, ISO 100, tripod  NOTE: This image has been sold. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the image.

About Jack

A classically trained musician since childhood, Jack Carlson always had the “ear” of an artist. It was only a short step to develop the artist’s “eye” as well.

The portfolio of this certified photographer reveals images that emphasize mood and composition. Their purpose is to present a feeling in addition to portrayal of person, place or thing. Sometimes that feeling is nostalgia; other times it is serenity.

Each photograph tells a story.