Photography for Beginners

For individuals who own a camera but are new to photography. Students learn how the camera works and how to get the best images possible.

Scenic Photography Workshop

From wide vistas to macro flower closeups, this class provides the perfect setting for nature images that will increase the student’s love of photography.

Photographing the Bare Bones of Winter

This program offers a pleasant surprise for participants who may have thought winter in the Midwest offers no photographic opportunities. Learn how to look for remarkable scenes while balancing light from snow.

Essentials: Composition, Form and Artistry

Learn to make your pictures tell a story by thinking without distraction and controlling light to capture an artistic image.

Travel Photography

Find out how to think, point and shoot to bring home memorable images from your travels.

Photographing Signs of Spring

Early Spring in the Midwest is a glorious time because we are so through with winter. Find the subtle signs of nature to create appealing photographs and welcome in longer and warmer days.

Photographing Autumn Color

In autumn, the landscape becomes a patchwork of color. Capture these dramatic shadings by effectively using light and contrast.