All’s Well–Thanks, LGH

Zooming in on the CBG’S Great Tree.


As of last week, I’m the happy recipient of a new knee.

Sincere thanks to Lutheran General’s 8th floor Orthopedic Team for making my visit happy yet short. I’m learning that time passes slowly in these joints which means I’ll be just hanging around until the Composition in Landscape Photography Class begins on Feb. 10. Then classes resume with quite some regularity. Check out the classes section of the website for full details.

Enjoy this Holiday Season.

Send a note when/if you have a moment. Pictures, too. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

About Jack

A classically trained musician since childhood, Jack Carlson always had the “ear” of an artist. It was only a short step to develop the artist’s “eye” as well.

The portfolio of this certified photographer reveals images that emphasize mood and composition. Their purpose is to present a feeling in addition to portrayal of person, place or thing. Sometimes that feeling is nostalgia; other times it is serenity.

Each photograph tells a story.