2018–A Year of Hope and Happiness

An explosion of light marks the 2018 opening.

Thanks to everyone who has sent emails of encouragement and speedy healing. Dozens of students and friends took time to think of me and send notes inquiring about not only my health and welfare, but also whether the cats were able to come up with their usual holiday present. While the fur-boys aren’t too computer literate, one of them knows enough to go on line and find the letters B & H.

A special shout-out of thanks to the 8th Floor Orthopedic team at Lutheran General, and Dr. John Lyon and his staff. I wouldn’t be getting around without all of you. Very soon now, I’ll be walking without help and will no longer need to pose the “where’s my cane, sugar?” question to my wife. 

I’ll be back at the CBG in early February and can’t wait to meet all of you again in the “ole Plant Lab.”

A sincere wish for your success and happiness as we begin 2018. May your thoughts be kind and all your yesterdays be tomorrows.

About Jack

A classically trained musician since childhood, Jack Carlson always had the “ear” of an artist. It was only a short step to develop the artist’s “eye” as well.

The portfolio of this certified photographer reveals images that emphasize mood and composition. Their purpose is to present a feeling in addition to portrayal of person, place or thing. Sometimes that feeling is nostalgia; other times it is serenity.

Each photograph tells a story.